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Biodiversity in the Coral Triangle

9th June 2020
12:00pm to 1:20pm (SMT)
5:00am to 6:20am (London)

Moderator: Bertie


David McGuire, Marine Biologist & Shark Advocate

Dr Nick Pilcher, Sea Turtle Conservationist

Dr Christina Shaw – Dugong & Seagrass Conservationist

Julian Hyde – Head of Reef Check Malaysia

Simon Christopher – Marine Conservationist

Dr. Nicolas Pilcher is a British marine biologist based in Sabah (Malaysia), where he established and runs his own research and conservation agency – the Marine Research Foundation. Nick has worked extensively on conservation projects in Malaysia and across the Indo-Pacific region, focusing his energies on saving endangered sea turtles, dugongs, and other marine species. Nick also works extensively with major industries to design and deliver solutions to environmental challenges they face. One of his flagship projects is introducing Turtle Excluder Devices to Malaysian trawl fisheries, which became a legal requirement in 2017. In recent years he has also studied impacts of climate change on sea turtles in Iran, tracked turtles across the middle eastern region, and investigated turtle use and trade in part of Africa. In his (copious) spare time he is a diver, a boat captain, and even a small airplane pilot.


9 June 2020
12:00 pm - 1:20 pm SMT