The Blu Hope campaign came about because of the COVID-19 pandemic!

Following the exposé that the UK and other developed countries were illegally exporting plastic waste to Malaysia, the British High Commission – Kuala Lumpur (BHC-KL) took steps to have the British plastic waste repatriated and initiated its Green is GREAT Plastics campaign.  The UK and Malaysian Governments have been working closely to help educate the public about plastic pollution and encourage business and industry to develop a plastic circular economy.  Our first event was the joint hosting of the VVIP Malaysian Premiere of Blue Planet II and Green is GREAT Exhibition attended by HRHs Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, Tengku Zatashah and Malaysian Minister of the Environment Yeo Bee Yin.  The second event was the Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance Showcase at the Commonwealth Observance Day in conjunction with the Royal Commonwealth Society.  The third event was going to be a celebration of HM Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday on World Oceans Day.  However, the COVID-19 pandemic meant Queen’s Birthday Parties were cancelled and the idea was born to take the Green is GREAT Plastics campaign digital.

BHC-KL were very fortunate that we had already been working with the three key partners that alongside Alison Collingridge, Head of Marketing and GREAT Campaign, have helped make      Blu Hope a reality.  

Simon Christopher, founder of Scubazoo and TimorBlue has been working with us from the start. Simon, a marine zoologist by background, is a storyteller who has produced countless underwater films in the Coral Triangle and is based in Sabah, Malaysia.  

After running Scubazoo for 23 years (including online channel, Simon set up TimorBlue in 2018 to fast track deep impact marine conservation dove-tailed with maximum global awareness about the Coral Triangle from Timor-Leste. Having introduced Mura’s ground-breaking Cat-HTR technology to Timor-Leste and Malaysia in 2019, Simon is excited about harnessing the true power of storytelling with the BluHope campaign to help drive much needed, pivotal transformational change leading up to, and throughout UNESCO’s Ocean Decade

Dr Geoff Brighty PhD, Environmental Consultant and Non-Executive Director for Mura Technology visited Kuala Lumpur in early March 2020.  Mura were one of the British High Commission’s Commonwealth Observance Day and Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance Showcase sponsors. Mura Technology’s Cat-HTR (Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor) process can recycle waste plastic that is currently considered ‘unrecyclable’ into valuable chemicals and oils for use in the manufacture of new plastic materials helping to deliver a plastic neutral circular economy.   

Jo Ruxton, Founder and Director of Plastic Oceans UK and Co-Producer of ‘A Plastic Ocean’. Jo was the first to alert the world to the perils of plastic pollution in the ocean. It was Jo who convinced Sir David Attenborough to lobby the BBC to include plastic pollution in Blue Planet II. Plastic Oceans UK have developed a wealth of education resources to help raise awareness amongst the youth of the issues surrounding plastic pollution and to teach children to become plastic intelligent.  Jo is a supporter of Mura Technology’s Cat-HTR and came to Kuala Lumpur in early March 2020 to support our CCOA Commonwealth Day Showcase and meet with the Malaysian Education Sector.

This core team have helped bring together strategic partners, media partners and celebrities to combine resources, knowledge, networks and expertise, to build an international campaign. Blu Hope is being supported by many people including Sir David Attenborough, Dr Sylvia Earle, Paul Rose, the Foreign & Commonwealth network across South-East Asia, Australasia and Pacific Islands, as well as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, COP26 and The Rt. Hon. Lord Zac Goldsmith, Minister of State for Pacific and the Environment.

We would like to thank everyone for their support.