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Zero Waste Malaysia have created some fantastic resources in four languages – Bahasa Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English.

About ZWM Lesson

A series of free educational modules for primary and secondary school students aged 11 to 17, containing localized and contextualized materials presented in 4 main Malaysian languages, being Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil.

What’s included?

The lesson plan consists of five 60-minute modules which include audio and visual aids, as well as activity sheet designed in alignment with the Malaysian Secondary School Curriculum Standard (KSSM).

  • Module 1: What is Waste?
  • Module 2: Where Does Waste Go?
  • Module 3: Types of Waste
  • Module 4: How Much Waste Do We Produce?
  • Module 5: What Can We Do About It?
  • User Guide: How to use the ZWM Lesson

Download Kits

For more information, please
go to Zero Waste Malaysia’s website