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Pollution Transport in the coastal zone, and future research supporting sustainable plastic waste management

10th June 2020
7:00pm to 7:50pm (SMT)
12:00pm to 12:50pm (London)
University of Warwick

Moderator: Dr Geoff Brighty, Environmental Consultant, in conversation with Asst. Professor Soroush
Abolfathi, Warwick Water Group at University of Warwick, UK

Understanding where plastic is moving in the ocean, and the impacts it could be causing, are critical
questions to help drive our waste management responses on land. Setting out a case study from his
own research, leading environmental modeller, Dr Soroush Abolfathi, talks about his collaborative
research in Malaysia with local academic partners that focuses on coastal pollution including
microplastics, and his recent advancement in modelling the pollution transport under wave-current

Building on from this research, Soroush and Geoff will explore the next stages of critical
collaborative research now being developed in South East Asia that supports sustainable plastic
waste management, working with the Malaysian Government and partners from the waste industry,
local municipal authorities and academic researchers.

Weblink: Asst. Professor Soroush Abolfathi




10 June 2020
7:00 pm - 7:50 pm SMT